Monday, May 16, 2022
Our mission is to be known within the broker community as the largest and the best General Agent providing the widest selection of health care products and carriers - by providing to our Agents the highest level of professionally trained staff dedicated to service at the highest level of quality, in a timely, courteous and efficient manner.

Employee Benefits Corporation of America (EBCA) has contracted with major insurance carriers specializing in employee benefit plans and is able to prepare employer proposals from each of those carriers in a timely and cost saving manner. EBCA has been utilizing the independent agent to deliver employee benefit plans, i.e., group health insurance, group life and AD&D insurance, group dental insurance, group disability insurance, group vision insurance, group voluntary benefit insurance plans, etc., to employers in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia since 1984. EBCA's goal, by contracting with these major carriers, is to provide employers with the greatest number of choices available in today's market from one source-EBCA and the independent insurance agent.

In order to accomplish our mission EBCA does not market directly to employers. Instead, EBCA utilizes the independent agent in order to maximize exposure to and distribution of group health, life, dental and disability plans available in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Independent agents are paid on a commission basis.

EBCA provides the independent agent with employee benefit proposals in a format which enables the employer to easily view costs and benefits and simplify their decision making process thus saving the employer valuable time and money. Because of this approach EBCA has become one of the largest sources for employee benefit plans in the Mid-Atlantic region. EBCA's primary focus is group insurance, i.e., employee benefit plans but also works in the individual insurance and voluntary employer benefit market, too.

EBCA is staffed by professionals who provide a level of service to agents and brokers which is unparalleled in today's industry. Our staff's dedication to their jobs to accomplish EBCA's mission is the envy of our industry and gives a comfort level to the independent agents we serve the same independent agents who serve employers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our mission is to provide access to every high-quality, affordable employee benefit plan available in today's market and our goal is to deliver all employee benefit plans (group health, group life and AD&D insurance, group dental insurance, group disability insurance, group vision insurance plus group voluntary benefit plans) in a presentation which presents products for review beginning with the least expensive and ending with the most expensive, by type of coverage selected.

This is very important to employers. In the small group market (employer sizes 1-50) commissions are usually built into the pricing of group insurance products. Employers who contact insurance carriers directly would, in most cases, pay the same premium they would pay if they used the services of an independent agent because premiums in the small group market usually include commissions. EBCA performs the research employers would normally have to do saving the employer significant time which can be better utilized on other job functions. And, since this is EBCA's only business, we do it better.

Employers in the large group market (employer sizes 51+) would normally have commissions included in premium rates as an "add on." EBCA quotes standard commissions as "add on" compensation for large groups in order to minimize employer premium cost. Again, since group health, life, dental and disability insurance is EBCA's only business, we do a thorough review each year and better than an employer can do. Employers usually can not get lower costs than EBCA because we have access to all major carriers in all major lines of business. An employer who overlooks just one insurance carrier may be overlooking the best product and price and sometimes loses negotiation power because of this.

EBCA encourages Maryland, Virginia and D.C. Independent Agents seeking the best employee benefit plans available in today's market, at the best price, to contact us. We look forward to serving you by way of your independent agent. Or, contact us directly and we will assign one of the independent agents who already utilizes our services.

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